Sunday, November 3, 2013

Time to update the blog.

I have been blogging here at MiiikeeeWorld since 2007. After 236 posts and over 190,000 page views I thought it was time to update it.
The focus of MiiikeeeWorld has always been technology with an emphasis on doing things as cheaply as possible.That will continue to be the focus. I have deleted over 200 posts because of the fast moving nature of technology. Most of the posts were based on older technology and no longer remained relevant . What remains at this point are a few posts covering significant things in my life that I have chosen to preserve here.
Future posts will be on my interest in technology.
After having advertising on this blog from the beginning I realized the revenue it generated wasn't worth keeping it. I much prefer a clean blog not cluttered with advertising.
My employment activities have decreased to a point that I am closer to retirement now than ever. The upside of this is the time I will have to devote to this blog. So stay tuned for more.

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