Friday, January 16, 2009

My buddy Rick

My buddy Rick is unknown to most of you and even after reading this he will probably remain that way. So who is Rick? Rick is one of many people that hung out in our radio station chat room. Rick was fascinated with streaming radio but required a bunch of coaxing and prodding to build up his courage to be a DJ. Once he braved his way onto the airwaves we realized we turned a monster radio geek loose on the web. This monster didn't rest until he had three or four broadcast studios in his home.

My buddy Rick is the member of the group that always tried to keep things calm and peaceful. A challenging task in the world of web radio. My buddy Rick and I stuck together in true friends fashion through several radio station changes including the current hiatus we are now in. Several years ago we had the pleasure to meet my buddy Rick as well as his wife Siggi in person. We've since had the pleasure of their company at our Michigan home.

I'm currently on the mend from major surgery. My buddy Rick has either called or spoken to me on line everyday during my recovery. Yesterday my buddy Rick told me to be expecting a package with something to “tinker” with. Now you have to understand, my buddy Rick and I both have way more computers and gadgets than we will ever need. But, we are geeks, so that doesn't matter. Knowing this, it was a matter of waiting to see what my latest “tinker” project was going to be to aid in my recovery.

My surprise package arrived today, not from My buddy Rick, but from Tiger Direct. I opened the package to discover a brand new Asus EeePC900HA net book. I wasn't expecting anything like this. I was expecting one of the various and sundry computers my buddy Rick seems to have everywhere. I was expecting my challenge to be be how I pressed yet one more computer into service.

To summarize this situation:

  1. Did I need this wonderful gift? No, but it's my buddy Rick.

  2. Did Rick need to do this? No but yes because he's my buddy Rick.

  3. Does this matter to Rick? Yes, because he's my buddy Rick.

  4. Does this matter to me? Yes, because he IS my buddy Rick.

The moral of this story is “He's my buddy Rick.” Some things are best left unexplained.

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