Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dealing With Grief

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is different for us all. The recent loss of my brother has caused me to think long and hard on grieving the loss of a loved one and finding a way to move on in life. We all seem to give and receive advise from everyone. The intentions are always good, but there isn't a universal answer or method that works with everyone. The grieving process that works for the loss of one loved one might not work on another. The way I deal with the loss of my brother is far different than it was when I lost my wife of 28 years.
I find comfort in thinking about all the good times we shared. At the same time, I realize life progresses in cycles. Each time we gain or loose a loved one, another of the many cycles of life either starts or ends. Segmenting life into cycles makes the pain tolerable.
While at my brothers funeral service, I looked over at my 5 month old grandson and thought "How ironic, as one cycle ends, another is just beginning."

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